Customers - 720°

Finnish Tax administration

At the Finnish Tax Administration, indoor air quality analytics were explained to the personnel with the aid of the 720° system. Enhanced understanding of indoor quality has allowed for problems to be addressed more effectively. There has also been a decrease in unnecessary service requests.

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Newsec – Opus Business Park

The higher utilisation rate of office premises and space modifications gave rise to the question of the adequacy of ventilation at the Opus Business Park. The solution presented itself through permanent indoor air monitoring and transparency of the metering results.

Opus Business Park is an office building situated in the Herttoniemi district of Helsinki that has witnessed a substantial increase in its utilisation rate in the past few years. The premises also adjust to the needs of the tenants.

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City of Helsinki

The City of Helsinki introduced the 720° indoor air quality monitoring at the Töölö library and the Roihuvuori primary school. Indoor climate monitoring ensures the attainment of targets set for the indoor climate, the functioning of the building engineering and the development of the conditions based on user experiences.

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Tieto Oyj

Tieto, one of Europe’s largest IT software and service providers, improved their employee’s comfort and overall satisfaction within its open office environment with 720° analytics.

Renewing work habits and environment played an important role in increasing the work satisfaction at Tieto. When Tieto renovated its offices in Oulu and Jyväskylä into multi-purpose office spaces, the company wanted firstly to address internal rumors of cold air with facts and secondly to understand what impact the higher concentration of people at work stations had on noise and carbon dioxide levels.

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Helen Oy

Since the late 1980s Helen had used a variety of facility monitoring & management systems, which measured only temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide.

Helen’s expert is especially happy about the fact that information is accessible at all times, allowing any suspicions regarding air quality to be checked immediately. The solves the problem caused by one-off measurements which cost time while the momentary local samples were being analyzed in a laboratory.

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“The staff has been very satisfied with the indoor air quality monitoring. Discussions witht he property owner have improved significantly, when there is actual data at hand, not just hearsay.”

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