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Fewer resources expended on indoor environmental quality issues
Indoor climate monitoring Powered by artificial intelligence
  • 50%
    Fewer resources expended on indoor environmental quality issues
  • 95%
    Fewer complaints about the indoor environmental quality
  • 31%
    Fewer air quality issues
  • 15%
    Lower utilities consumption
720° collects data and registers even the slightest changes:
Artificial Intelligence
The data is analyzed in several hidden layers, in order to produce actionable intelligence
720° predicts actions to improve your facilities:
Automated Notifications
Possible issues are sent directly to the relevant stakeholder, maintenance log or building system automatically
720° generates monthly high quality reports
Automated Reporting
Reports can be subscribed to as well as created ad hoc at any moment, for either one building or for the entire portfolio
720° includes AI-supported communications interfaces
Occupants get the information relevant to them and are able to provide their input

“The system has already become very important to us as a support service and a life insurance of sorts. It is as essential to the building as building automation”

Susanna Vilen

Office Manager, Metsä Group

Listen to our customer Federico Waltari go through the benefits of 720° at Ilmalanlinna which has achieved both certification as well as high tenant satisfaction in their ambitious project striving for outstanding indoor environmental quality.

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