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If you don’t have a company dog, what are you even doing?

Moona Jaatinen
Jr. Account Manager
Moona is originally from Finland but speaks with a Scottish accent, she is also an actual grownup who plays volleyball every day. So we have a lot of conflicting facts about Moona.
Emma Nieminen
Sales Development Representative
Emma mentioned "Jiu-Jitsu" in the interview. We assumed it's verbal Jiu-Jitsu and she will be excellent at sales. While we were right about that she did mean actual Jiu-Jitsu and we are all very afraid.
Antti Neuvonen
Account Manager
Antti is a veteran of the industry, 720° created the industry. It just feels like a match. He is also a "car guy" which we all think is very cool and not lame at all.
Karoliina Kajander
Customers Director
Karoliina has a key chain that says "Girl Boss" which is very cute, but she also has a small locket that says "tears of my enemies" on it, and we all agree that's also cute… we have no choice.
Nora Vähäkangas
Operations Manager
Nora has a background in national economics which comes in super handy when discussing the impact of indoor air quality in buildings, you see, a building is kind of like a nation… zzz
Pia Korba
Sales Manager
Pia has a thing for “nature” and “sustainability” and thinks we should preserve something for future generations. Counterargument: We are here for a good time, not a long time. Yeah…
Antti Lunkka
Technical Support, Super Awesome
A master of communication protocols who loves to solve hardware issues. Now… this doesn’t automatically make him weird, just very ambitious…
Saumya Paulose
Python Developer
Saumya’s native language is one that her team members barely know how to pronounce… Python.
Rick Aller
Managing Director
Rick is a detail oriented guy who likes to make sure we cross the i's and dot the t's (Hi! I rwite these bios!)
Chief Dogscipline Officer
High dogscipline is a must. Bamse makes sure everyone works hard with full focus – is ready to risk it all for a belly rub. Does not think cats work very hard.
Simon Burg
Product Development Director
A coder since age six. Still a coder… still a bit like a six year old.
Rami Al-Omari
Developer, Front-End
There is one thing very special about Rami. Probably the best Front-End coder in the entire world, works right next to him!
Tomas Konicek
Developer, Front-End Lead
Childhood stories say he used to lock himself in a closet for days, and come out with mind-blowing graphs and charts with full front-end functionality.

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