Solution - 720°

When indoor air quality becomes a priority and is maintained at a high level, the value of the property increases.

720° Analytics – Modern tool for indoor climate monitoring

  • Combining AI and indoor environmental quality expertise transforms billions of data points into value-adding knowledge
  • Skilled indoor air quality management, timely decision-making, correct follow-up measures, and advanced reporting increases real estate stakeholders ability to react while decreasing maintenance costs
  • The most accurate analytics for remote property monitoring
  • Recognizes whether Classification of Indoor Climate targets are met and how outdoor conditions, occupants and property systems affect the indoor environment
  • Notifies automatically property stakeholders of significant changes in circumstances
  • Data is collected from a wide array of parameters decided by the customer. These can be material emissions, low humidity, repetitive odors, rapid changes in temperature, differential pressure, amount of carbon dioxide and factors affecting the noise environment
  • Possible to integrate with different sensor networks and building management systems

720° Analytics analyzes and compares properties

  • Collects and analyzes data right after deployment. Properties can be compared in relation to:
    • outdoor air pollution
    • standards and classifications
    • properties in other regions
    • benchmark of your own properties
  • 720° Analytics is quicker, more accurate and consistent than humans in analyzing property data
  • Compares the performance of properties to each other in order to find the ones that require the most attention, in case there is room for improvement
  • Helps you make quality decisions in indoor environment development through benchmarking properties, floors and even rooms to each other
  • Clear, comprehensive and visual reports – key information is instantly available

720° Display is the key to excellent communication

  • User-friendly tablet view provides occupants with a seamless flow of information and up-to-date communications on the state of the indoor air quality
  • Successful communication eliminates uncertainty and increases trust between real estate management, tenants and occupants
  • Feedback from occupants is collected in an unobtrusive manner in order to find issues that might affect satisfaction
  • 720° acts as a third party in the transmission of information, thus ensuring transparency in communication
  • 720° Display shows a general view of the indoor environment and the factors affecting it, also taking into account outdoor conditions
  • The view is designed with the needs of occupants in mind

Decision-making and the necessary measures

will be significantly improved with 720°

Monitoring the indoor environment prevents issues and:

  • The indoor environmental quality will remain on a high level
  • Occupant satisfaction increases significantly
  • Maintenance costs decrease
  • As a result, the property value will increase
  • Challenges concerning the indoor air quality are predicted, removing any sudden surprises
  • Trust between the property owner and the tenant increases

Monitoring the indoor environment prevents issues and:

Customer case studies

Finnish Tax Administration

At the Finnish Tax Administration, indoor air quality analytics were explained to the personnel with the aid of the 720° solution. Enhanced understanding of indoor quality has allowed for problems to be addressed more effectively. There has also been a decrease in unnecessary service requests.

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Lindström Invest

The desire was to reach the highest possible indoor air classification to maintain customer satisfaction. Consequently, Lindström Invest had 720° indoor air monitoring installed in its business park located in Kalasatama.

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Newsec – Opus Business Park

The importance of ventilation was highlighted when the utilization rate of office premises increased and spaces were modified to suit the needs of companies. The solution presented itself through continuous indoor air monitoring, as well as the transparency of the measuring results between the tenants of the business park and the property owners.

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Helen Oy

Helen had used a variety of facility monitoring & management systems, which measured only temperature, relative humidity, and carbon dioxide. When they took the 720° solution for the first time in use in October 2015, Helen noticed quickly that this is the first system that offers real-time data about the indoor air quality.

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Tieto Oyj

Noise levels decreased, work satisfaction increased. Tieto Plc’s indoor climate is now being monitored by the artificial intelligence-based 720° solution, conducting real-time measurements of, for instance, the decibel levels in the space and the proportion of speech in the noise, temperature fluctuations, and material emissions.

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Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) Report, 2016; according to studies. 61% of the complaints are due to psychosocial influence – not caused by IAQ.

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