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The wellbeing of employees was heavily invested in by SEB during the design of their new premises. From the very beginning, the ability to monitor the conditions was highlighted as an important tool for quality assurance. Both the users of the facilities and other interest groups within the building have been satisfied with the results provided by the 720° System.
Metsä Group
The 720° Solution allows Metsä Group to effortlessly maintain situational awareness as it continues to invest in wellbeing at work. Today, the solution has become an essential part of the functioning of the building on par with building automation. 720° supports the work of those responsible for the property and offers transparent information to the users of the facilities.
Hemsö values reliability, attainability and continuous development in all its operations. One of the tools that Hemsö employs to ensure the quality of the indoor environment is the 720° Solution that allows Hemsö to have constant readiness to address indoor environment issues.
As a responsible investor, eQ wants to invest in monitoring the indoor environment of properties. With the 720° Solution, they are able to further develop their predictive capacity. The system provides a great tool for both receiving direct feedback from the users of the facilities and for monitoring the operation and maintenance of the property. 720° strongly supports and reinforces the existing approaches of eQ and its utilization is constantly being expanded.