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Hemsö avails itself of the 720° Solution to ensure the quality of the indoor environment in its properties

Hemsö values reliability, attainability and continuous development in all its operations. One of the tools that Hemsö employs to ensure the quality of the indoor environment is the 720° Solution that allows Hemsö to have constant readiness to address indoor environment issues.

Hemsö creates agreeable environments with the customer in mind

Hemsö is committed to fulfilling its role as the best real estate partner for societal service providers by creating environments where people feel at home. Speed, effortlessness, addressing customer needs and reliability are Hemsö’s priorities.

In the sphere of indoor environment matters, this entails, i.e. that the customer’s wishes are heard and action is taken promptly. Hemsö fosters mutual trust with its customers and values continuous dialogue.

“If a customer of ours has concerns or woes related to indoor air, we encourage them to contact us and then we consider the available options and potential causes together”

explains Property Manager Mika Kvist

Hemsö wanted to invest in a proactive approach to indoor environment quality

Hemsö has created standardized processes that are followed in all matters pertaining to the indoor environment. They have learned from experience that challenges can best be tackled when they are addressed immediately.

“The cause of the feedback has often been identified quickly when, for instance, the maintenance company has been requested to inspect the situation and the conditions immediately on the site”

says Hemsö’s Property Manager Mika Kvist.

This early intervention model has been a success at Hemsö. Indeed, it was evident that the company wished to develop it further. Time, however, was a scarce resource for everyone in the property management chain, for which reason the desire was for the proactive methods to be efficient from the time management perspective.

Efficient increase in readiness through the 720° Solution

When Hemsö became familiar with 720°, they were convinced that 720° is a great solution for their organization since it actively supports their proactive indoor environment management approach. 720° enables continuous data flow concerning the indoor environment and any changes in its quality. Areas for development can be tackled right away, which saves everyone’s time.

“Potential issues may be addressed immediately, or even in a proactive manner, should the data indicate the need to do so”

reports Mika Kvist happily.

720° became a functional tool for indoor environment management

Hemsö has been pleased with 720°. Knowing that challenges could be addressed rapidly, if needed, brings peace of mind and operational certainty.

Hemsö has found it particularly important that the user interface is also easy-to-use. The company does not want to expend the time of people working with real estate on learning how to use systems, but, rather, on using them.

“The system must be so clear that its utilization and comprehending the operational logic is fast and easy. 720° enables this excellently”

praises Mika Kvist.

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