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At SEB’s branch office in Helsinki, confidence in the quality of indoor air is guaranteed with 720° 

The wellbeing of employees was heavily invested in by SEB during the design of their new premises. From the very beginning, the ability to monitor the conditions was highlighted as an important tool for quality assurance. Both the users of the facilities and other interest groups within the building have been satisfied with the results provided by the 720° System: transparent communication and thorough knowledge of the behavior of the facilities have enabled anticipation and continue to ensure confidence in the proper functionality of the facilities.

SEB values prevention and persistence

At SEB, a safe and healthy work environment is identified as a significant factor in the realization of the wellbeing of the employees. The company’s health strategy also emphasizes preventive measures.

The company believes in transparency and persistent work in the assurance of quality. When SEB’s branch office in Helsinki moved into new facilities in 2017, the company dedicated a significant amount of attention to their design. The aim of the design was an open space that would support a strong culture of service, designed together with the personnel and the clients.

Cooperation, environment, and domestic solutions are important in the new Helsinki office

The premise was to establish the functionality and safety of the working area at a suitable level. This included both the wellbeing of the employees and solutions that would support today’s working methods and culture. Social responsibility was also taken into account, as evidenced by the fact that a LEED Gold environmental certificate was acquire for the property.

A decision was made to provide extensive support for wellbeing, ranging from offering tasty food and healthy snacks to art exhibitions in the lobby. A central role was given to facilities that support different working stages and the quality requirements of the conditions within the indoor environment. For example, the highest indoor air classification S1 was specified as the target for all rooms used for meetings with clients.

“It was essential that the new office provided a good basis for ensuring wellbeing at work and job satisfaction. We also spent a lot of time thinking of ways to ensure that the specified indoor air targets were met”

says Teemu Lukkala, Property Manager at SEB.

Climate of confidence is enabled by 720°, which was introduced to ensure that the quality of the indoor environment can be monitored

The availability of data pertaining to the conditions was highlighted as a significant element during the design of the new facilities. Luckily, Property Manager Teemu Lukkala noticed an article discussing 720° in the Tekniikan Maailma magazine at just the right time. Together with his supervisor, they visited the company to learn more about them and the 720° Solution and a decision to adopt the system was made quickly.

“We decided to implement 720° even before the furniture and other movables were brought in. The system allowed us to access information pertaining to the conditions from the outset, which is exactly what we were after”

says Teemu Lukkala.

The 720° Analytics service and the 720° Display installed in the facilities have ensured from the start that information is transferred smoothly between the users, SEB’s inhouse property team, the property owner, and the property manager. This has also made it possible to take necessary measures at an early stage. As a result, there is a strong mutual confidence between the various operators linked with the property.

“The availability of uncensored data promotes transparency. It also allows us to review matters with the property owner. We are able to show our personnel that the quality of indoor air is monitored extensively and that they also have access to the relevant information. This is reassuring, as it demonstrates that we operate in a professional and transparent manner”

Teemu Lukkala commends.

With 720°, results keep improving: monitoring, anticipating, and communicating changes is easy

SEB has been pleased with the benefits provided by indoor environment monitoring. Unpleasant surprises have been reduced, as situations such as air conditioning malfunctions are noticed immediately and can be remedied before the users even become aware of the issue. The monitoring of the position of the facilities within the indoor air classification has also been effortless. The effect of implemented changes can be verified, whether due to repairs or seasonal change. After several years of use, the results from the long-term indoor environment monitoring have only improved.

“Monitoring in the longer term is beneficial because it allows us to see the changes between different years and different seasons. This information makes it possible to become very familiar with the property”

says Teemu Lukkala.

The historical data enables communication on regularly repeated circumstances that are strongly linked to seasons. Communication has allowed us to eliminated uncertainty on issues such as low humidity and communicate instructions to the users of the facilities.

“A year ago, we had a similar situation with low humidity as now. It is great that we have the data to prove that this is completely normal. We have also had a doctor visit the office who commended the system on its ability to illustrate matters. Communication has been very helpful here”

Teemu Lukkala says.

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