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If you don’t have a company dog, what are you even doing?

Moona Jaatinen
Jr. Account Manager
Moona is originally from Finland but speaks with a Scottish accent, she is also an actual grownup who plays volleyball every day. So we have a lot of conflicting facts about Moona.
Emma Nieminen
Sales Development Representative
Emma mentioned "Jiu-Jitsu" in the interview. We assumed it's verbal Jiu-Jitsu and she will be excellent at sales. While we were right about that she did mean actual Jiu-Jitsu and we are all very afraid.
Antti Neuvonen
Account Manager
Antti is a veteran of the industry, 720° created the industry. It just feels like a match. He is also a "car guy" which we all think is very cool and not lame at all.
Karoliina Kajander
Customers Director
Karoliina has a key chain that says "Girl Boss" which is very cute, but she also has a small locket that says "tears of my enemies" on it, and we all agree that's also cute… we have no choice.
Nora Vähäkangas
Operations Manager
Nora has a background in national economics which comes in super handy when discussing the impact of indoor air quality in buildings, you see, a building is kind of like a nation… zzz
Pia Korba
Sales Manager
Pia has a thing for “nature” and “sustainability” and thinks we should preserve something for future generations. Counterargument: We are here for a good time, not a long time. Yeah…
Antti Lunkka
Technical Support, Super Awesome
A master of communication protocols who loves to solve hardware issues. Now… this doesn’t automatically make him weird, just very ambitious…
Rick Aller
Managing Director
Rick is a detail oriented guy who likes to make sure we cross the i's and dot the t's (Hi! I rwite these bios!)
Saumya Paulose
Python Developer
Saumya’s native language is one that her team members barely know how to pronounce… Python.
Chief Dogscipline Officer
High dogscipline is a must. Bamse makes sure everyone works hard with full focus – is ready to risk it all for a belly rub. Does not think cats work very hard.
Simon Burg
Product Development Director
A coder since age six. Still a coder… still a bit like a six year old.
Rami Al-Omari
Developer, Front-End
There is one thing very special about Rami. Probably the best Front-End coder in the entire world, works right next to him!
Tomas Konicek
Developer, Front-End Lead
Childhood stories say he used to lock himself in a closet for days, and come out with mind-blowing graphs and charts with full front-end functionality.

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