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If you don’t have a company dog, what are you even doing with your life?

Karoliina Kajander
VP, Customers
It goes against every fiber of Karoliina’s capitalistic being, but she is reluctantly enjoying maternity-leave, counting the days until she can return to work with a clear conscience.
Nora Vähäkangas
Director, Sales Operations
Nora has a background in national economics which comes in super handy when discussing the impact of indoor air quality in buildings, you see, a building is kind of like a nation… zzz
Pia Korba
Customer Results, Lead
Pia has a thing for “nature” and “sustainability” and thinks we should preserve something for future generations. Counterargument: We are here for a good time, not a long time. Yeah…
Samy Clinchard
VP, Data and Innovation
Mathematician, musician… data scientist? This guy correlates everything to math. That never gets boring.
Antti Lunkka
Technical Support, Super Awesome
A master of communication protocols who loves to solve hardware issues. Now… this doesn’t automatically make him weird, just very ambitious…
Rick Aller
Chief Executive Officer
Rick's magnificent skills are only matched by his humbleness! (Hi! I write these bio's… unless youndon't like them, then it's Simon)
Chief Dogscipline Officer
High dogscipline is a must. Bamse makes sure everyone works hard with full focus – is ready to risk it all for a belly rub. Does not think cats work very hard.
Saumya Paulose
Python Developer
Saumya’s native language is one that her team members barely know how to pronounce… Python.
Rami Al-Omari
Developer, Front-End
There is one thing very special about Rami. Probably the best Front-End coder in the entire world, works right next to him!
Simon Burg
Chief Technology Officer
A coder since age six. Still a coder… still a bit like a six year old.
Tomas Konicek
Developer, Front-End Lead
Childhood stories say he used to lock himself in a closet for days, and come out with mind-blowing graphs and charts with full front-end functionality.

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