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Customer case

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) ensures space user satisfaction and property management resources with the 720° Solution

The satisfaction of the users of the space increased and the amount of feedback decreased after the implementation of 720°. As a result, the working time expended on the processing of indoor environment matters by the person responsible for the business premises services was reduced by more than one half.

FTIA cares for its key resource; its personnel

The expert agency consisting of approximately 400 people enables Finland’s welfare, competitiveness and sustainable growth by maintaining a functioning transport network. FTIA fosters the development of skills and operational methods. Its operating culture emphasizes the implementation of the values agreed together with the personnel – trust, open co-operation and regenerative expertise.

Skilled and content employees have, indeed, propelled FTIA towards continuously developing novel smart traffic services and new technology to achieve safer, smoother and more sustainable transport.

Agreeable working space plays an important role at FTIA

Work satisfaction and the comfort of use of the office space is a top priority for FTIA. They wanted to ensure the premises are agreeable and have conducted renovations within the space. At the same time, the agency wanted to provide the users of the space as much information about the new premises as possible. This also raised the issue of data about the quality of the indoor environment and of communicating it. The agency wanted the data to be easily accessible by the personnel whenever it suited them the most to examine it.

“Modifications to business premises always spark inquiries and we wanted to be ahead of the situation”

reports Päivi Lundahl, service manager for the premises.

The 720° Display ensures space users’ continuous access to indoor environment data

Once FTIA became acquainted with the 720° Solution and the integrated communications interface, they knew they had found what they were looking for. FTIA was impressed especially by how the solution combined indoor environment analytics and communications. It allows all parties to have access to data regarding the conditions in the property. From the 720° Display available on the premises, the space users can effortlessly check, for instance, the temperature data.

“The crowd stays happy now that we are really getting the information we need and everyone is on the same page”

says Päivi Lundahl, service manager for the premises.

Working time expended on indoor environment issues halved

The satisfaction of space users has increased, because they are able to check the condition of the indoor environment from the display themselves. This has had a positive impact on the working time management of those managing the property. The amount of feedback has been reduced. It has also been useful to be able to monitor both the historical information of the quality of indoor environment and the real-time situation. Forecasting is easier and the agency is constantly on top of the situation.

“It has had a calming effect on my work. It has brought considerable benefits in terms of working time management and indoor air management, more than one half of the working time expended on indoor environment matters has been saved”

reports Päivi Lundahl, service manager for FTIA’s office premises.

This means time has freed up for other tasks. In fact, Päivi Lundahl has recommended the solution also to her colleagues. In addition to the effects of the service on working time being rather positive, she has also been very pleased with the co-operation with 720°.

“720° is reliable and agile. Whenever we have needed assistance, they have acted promptly”

praises Päivi Lundahl.

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