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Helen Oy
Customer case

Measurement data in real-time.

Since the late 1980s, Helen had used a variety of facility monitoring & management systems, which measured only temperature, relative humidity, and carbon dioxide.

“When we took the 720° system for the first time in use in October 2015 we noticed quickly that this is the first system that offers real-time data about the indoor air quality,”

says Eero Paavilainen, Helen’s Building Technology Manager.

Helen’s experts are especially happy about the fact that information is accessible at all times, allowing any suspicions regarding air quality to be checked immediately. That solves the problem caused by one-off measurements which cost time while the momentary local samples were being analyzed in a laboratory.

“None of those systems have monitored the air quality as widely. In addition, it shows the data in graphic form in a surprisingly user-friendly way,”

says Paavilainen.

Helen was particularly interested in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Within the spectrum of air quality, the 720° monitoring system measures VOC concentrations in real-time.

“With this solution, it is easy to follow VOC emissions, which are emitted for example from new fittings and furniture. If VOC levels are too high we can take profound steps,”

Paavilainen says.

720° monitoring has been such a profitable investment that Helen has also deployed it at the Hanasaari power plant and office premises.

“In addition to Sähkötalo, we have started to monitor the indoor air quality in Hanasaari, where Helen’s powerplant and an office building are located. The new site offers comparable data to our other facility and we get also interesting data of the summer’s Particulate Matter levels,”

Paavilainen says.

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