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Customer case

Keva chose to invest in proactive and transparent communication with the aid of the 720° Solution

Keva is a pension institution that takes care of the pension affairs of the municipal sector, state, church and Kela’s personnel, as well as develops working life. In conjunction with new modifications being made to its premises, Keva wanted to ensure the quality of the indoor environment and to communicate the conditions transparently to the users of the premises. With the aid of the 720° Solution, this has now become effortless.

Keva discovered the ideal solution for indoor air management reflecting its values

Keva plays a crucial societal role as the builder of welfare, and the attainment of its objectives requires the full input of its personnel. Keva’s Working Environment Manager Kristina Vuorela explains that assuring the quality of the working environment is necessary for them:

“A skilled and healthy staff is an indispensable asset for us. I do think that we have succeeded in this task, our employees stay with us for a long time and we want to keep it that way”

When Keva launched its project relating to the reorganization of the premises, good indoor air quality in the new premises was one of the top priorities. In order to attain these objectives, Keva was looking to identify a solution that would also support the transparency and clarity of communications, being part of Keva’s operational principles.

Vuorela had already previously familiarized herself with one-off measurements, which she knew could be very expensive and would potentially need to be repeated several times. Things fell into place when she heard a presentation by the representative of 720 Degrees at an industry event. Until then, she had not realized that indoor air quality monitoring could be carried out through real-time, permanent monitoring that would also be communicated to the users of the premises, so that they would receive the information in an effortless and comprehensible manner. Vuorela recounts that she contacted the company immediately and told them she wanted 720° in the new activity-based office.

“I immediately realized that this would be the perfect solution: you know what you are doing, you were credible and professional. I contacted you and said right away that I am taking this”

says Vuorela.

720° has made the handling of indoor environment matters effortless

When 720° was taken into use, the users of the premises were provided with an induction into the use of the 720° Displays and they were told about the principles and operation of a permanent indoor environment monitoring solution. The discussions about and the practices relating to the indoor environment have changed since the deployment. The users of the premises are able to check for themselves the current state of the indoor environment from the 720° Display. Real-time data is always available as the basis of discussions.

Indeed, Vuorela reports that the users of the premises have found it useful that the key word describing the quality of the indoor environment is clearly visible on the display.

“I always have up-to-date facts at hand, which makes it easy to discuss matters with the users of the premises”

Vuorela continues.

The 720° Analytics and its results are regularly reviewed together with the experts of the company, which makes it effortless to stay on top of the newest trends and possibilities regarding indoor environmental considerations. New features and development directions are discussed at the meetings. Vuorela reports that she has been very happy with the co-operation:

“Every time we meet, you always have something new to present and then we review these matters together. You are constantly generating novelties and ideas”

720°: modern solution that generates savings

The 720° Analytics has now been in use in Keva for several years already. Vuorela has been delighted to observe that the transparent and clear information has increased the satisfaction of the users of the premises and facilitated the sensible and efficient utilization of her own working time. Bringing indoor air management to a modern level has been effortless, and the results speak for themselves: Vuorela is able to utilize her working time related to the indoor environment effectively and justifiably and the users of the premises can safely rely on the quality of the conditions.

“Sometimes when I pass by the display, I might even say that have you noticed how amazing the air in here is”

Vuorela reports.

According to Vuorela, 720° has been comprehensive and paid itself back already in the first year. No one-off measurements are required and also working time savings have been achieved, since the working time of the Working Environment Manager and of the rest of the department’s management team has not been expended on reviewing individual measurements. Therefore, the profitability of the 720° Solution may be measured not only through the monetary amount previously spent on one-off measurements, but also through the resourcing of working time. Indeed, Vuorela states that:

“Now I no longer need to spend any more money or time on these issues at all. We have not had any reason to conduct a single study after installing this 720° Solution.”

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