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Customer case

Tamro invested in the quality of the working environment and knowledge-based management with the 720° solution – The satisfaction of the users of the facilities exceeded all expectations.

At Tamro, ensuring a good working environment is important, and thus they wanted to improve their reaction time in matters pertaining to the indoor environment. This was easily implemented using the 720° solution. The system has enabled effortless communication on the indoor environment. Its impact on the satisfaction of the users of the facilities has exceeded all expectations. The system is regarded as a good investment at Tamro.

Tamro invests in a good working environment

At Tamro, supporting the wellbeing of the employees and ensuring a good working environment are important. Regarding the quality of the workspace, Tamro wants to follow the same robust objectives of customer understanding, anticipation, and sustained development as they do in the company’s other operations. Those responsible for the property also invest their working time on indoor environment related matters.

“Questions pertaining to the working environment and wellbeing are a strong element of my work. I am in charge the condition of the working environment, the wellbeing of the employees, and the safety of the workspace”

says Mika Marttinen, Real Estate Manager at Tamro.

Desire to improve reaction time

The quality of indoor air was previously ensured by using separate measurements where necessary, but the company wanted to move into a more proactive direction. The company wanted to be able to respond to the users’ information needs immediately. The objective was to eliminate the time spent on carrying out the measurements, analyzing the results, performing the necessary actions, and communicating the information further after feedback was received.

“Any concern that the users of the facilities might have in terms of the indoor environment requires a reaction. However, we used to examine the conditions through separate measurements carried out where necessary.  Together with analyzing the resulting reports, this took up too much time and resources”

says Mika Marttinen illustrating the challenges.

720° streamlines indoor environment management and allows for easy implementation

Tamro had already been weighing up new methods that could be used for indoor environment management when they discovered the 720° Solution. They quickly realized that the system could be a useful tool that would allow them to react to any issues without delay. They saw a clear opportunity for improving the efficiency of indoor environment management.

“With 720°, we were able to eliminate unnecessary costs. The system provides instant information and allows us to act and communicate accordingly right away. There is no need for hesitation or doubt. Very straightforward and efficient”

says Marttinen appreciatively.

Tamro was particularly happy with the easy installation of the system and the fact that the users were properly familiarized with the system.

“Help has always been available and we have been very happy. The system was implemented without issue and everything worked as agreed. We have absolutely no complaints. We expect that the cooperation will continue to be surprisingly effective in the future as well”

says Marttinen.

Satisfaction of the users of the facilities exceeded expectations

The 720° benefits became particularly apparent with the promotion of knowledge-based management in terms of the indoor environment. Tamro found the system to be a convenient tool for providing information on the conditions to the users of the facilities. The impact of the system on the satisfaction of the users of the facilities has actually been more significant than was originally expected. The information produced by the system and the integrated feedback mechanism has received a lot of praise.

“The users have been very happy with the fact they are able to access information immediately as well as the option to provide feedback.This has completely eliminated doubt. It sounds odd that access to information would play such a significant role, but it really works when implemented correctly. Now the users of the facility know that everything is in order with their working environment, and this allows them to feel comfortable. This feeling makes an important difference”

says Marttinen.

Tamro believes that the happiness of the users is very important, even if it is difficult to measure in monetary terms. Tamro feels that the system has already paid for itself in this respect. The implementation of the system also increased the efficiency of indoor environment management, which in itself allows the company to improve customer satisfaction even further.

“We are now able to utilize our working time and resources much better, which means that our efficiency has improved. And our customers are happier, as we can help them and provide answers more quickly”

says Marttinen.

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