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Tampereen Tilapalvelut
Customer case

Can a space be both comfortable and energy-conserving? With the 720° Solution, Tampereen Tilapalvelut was able to achieve both goals

Tampereen Tilapalvelut was seeking to introduce a novel solution for managing indoor air conditions and increasing interaction with the space users. 720° has facilitated open and transparent communications. At the same time, the utilization of resources has become more efficient, since actions may be targeted with a greater degree of precision. Alongside agreeable working environments, expedient property management has generated also energy savings. After the positive experience from the first building, the utilization of 720° has been expanded to encompass several buildings.

Tampereen Tilapalvelut focuses on the user

For Tampereen Tilapalvelut, user satisfaction is the key factor. Their experts are working for the customer: the point of departure is always a satisfied space user, for whom it is safe to spend time and reside in the buildings.

This has also entailed focusing on the quality of the indoor environment and interaction with the users of the space. For Tampereen Tilapalvelut, the objective is to resolve issues before the space user even detects them.

The diverse nature of indoor environment considerations generated the need for reformed practices

Tampereen Tilapalvelut has come to realize that the issues related to the indoor environment are diverse. Good property maintenance involves cooperation with various parties and, to an increasing extent, a dialogue with the users. Communications and interaction cannot be diminished to occur merely in connection with individual maintenance visits. The company wanted to further strengthen the means for increasing interaction.

“This includes so much. It’s not just about taking a look to see if there’s something going on, it’s really to a very large extent also workplace wellbeing and prevention”

explains Eero Närjänen, maintenance expert at Tampereen Tilapalvelut.

Space users’ wellbeing at the forefront

Once Tampereen Tilapalvelut got acquainted with the 720° Solution, it became clear to them that it was well suited for their needs. The ability to communicate to the space users was considered the most notable advantage. The 720° Display included in the solution provides space users with information about the indoor environment in a comprehensible form. Tampereen Tilapalvelut has seen how this supports open communications and eliminates uncertainty in indoor environment matters.

The 720° Display also affords the users the opportunity to have a say in the creation of a more comfortable working environment for them. The display transmits the space users’ feedback effortlessly. This allows the maintenance service to obtain vital information about conditions pleasing the space users, which has, for instance, facilitated the enhancement of thermal comfort.

“Easy to use and effortless to interpret. We are able to pass information quickly between myself and the user. And if we need to work on something, we know exactly where to start. Has definitely increased satisfaction. For instance, we have one building, where all, and I mean all, of the negative feedback has stopped”

says the pleased Eero Närjänen.

Synergy benefits in the form of monetary savings and working time optimization

As a result of its positive experiences, Tampereen Tilapalvelut has already expanded the employment of the system to several objects. They have also realized that 720° has provided unexpected additional benefits. The increased interaction has entailed synergy benefits in energy conservation: ventilation and heating can be adjusted according to the season, while the users have continuous access to information about the conditions remaining agreeable and comfortable. Instructing the users has been effortless with the 720° Display. This, combined with good managerial work, as well as the active attitude of the property services and the property serviceman in monitoring the conditions, has contributed to energy savings being achieved as a synergy benefit.

“The energy savings for the first building during 2018-2019 were approximately 65 MWh in terms of heat and 16.7 MWh in terms of electricity. It was definitely a large sum of money saved in energy, several thousand euros. The users of the space were also able to see for themselves what happens in the conditions when modifications were made to heating or ventilation”

reports Eero Närjänen.

The 720° Analytics has facilitated expedient property management. Making optimal adjustments has become easier, ensuring that the property value remains good, space users happy and only the necessary amount of energy is consumed. Property maintenance based on continuous data and space user satisfaction allows for measures to be taken immediately, if needed. The system has had a positive impact on the working time of the maintenance service team, rendering it more effective and methodical.

“There’s working time left for other things, too. That’s simply how it is. The data is already there and from that, we can proceed logically and consider what to do”

says Eero Närjänen happily.

Tampere is pleased with how easy the co-operation has been. 720° as a company gets praises from them.

“I have been happy with all the co-operation with 720°, doing business with you is so effortless. I also like how good, reliable and youthful group you are, and how you’re constantly developing the service. It’s great to observe it”

Eero Närjänen commends.

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