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Metsä Group
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Metsä Group invests in wellbeing at work and the quality of the indoor environment – the 720° Solution supports these goals and acts as life insurance for the building

The 720° Solution allows Metsä Group to effortlessly maintain situational awareness as it continues to invest in wellbeing at work. Today, the solution has become an essential part of the functioning of the building on par with building automation. 720° supports the work of those responsible for the property and offers transparent information to the users of the facilities.

Metsä Group invests in the quality of the indoor environment that supports wellbeing at work

Occupational safety and wellbeing at work are an essential element of daily management at Metsä Group. Prevention, the fostering of trust, and cooperation have been given high priority.

An active approach is necessary for proper indoor air management. The situation of the facilities and the feedback received from users is reviewed regularly by the property team.

Desire to facilitate situational awareness

The lack of up-to-date information was found to be a challenge in terms of indoor air management at Metsä Group. Without this information, the significance of various circumstantial factors in terms of the comfort of the users of the facilities was hard to evaluate. This could easily lead to speculation on whether the quality of feedback was affected by the temperature, dry air, or the functioning of the ventilation, for example.

720° for effortless control of the conditions of a property

A solution was found gratifyingly quickly when Metsä Group Office Manager Susanna Vilen had the opportunity to take a closer look at the 720° Solution that was already being trialed in a couple of areas at the head office. It quickly became apparent that in addition to the property team, the system could be beneficial to the users of the facilities. Thus, the team quickly decided to expand the utilization of the system to cover the entire property.

“The system provides us data without the need for separate measurements. The users of the facilities can also see the data on screens themselves. It is transparent”

says Metsä Group Office Manager Susanna Vilen explaining the decision.

Metsä Group has been satisfied with the functioning and reliability of the cooperation. The expansion was easy to implement. In-house resources were not wasted on figuring things out as the company could trust the expertise of 720°.

“720° is clear and reliable and cooperation with you is smooth”

commends Susanna Vilen.

720° Solution has become an irreplaceable part of the building

After the expanded implementation, Metsä Group has found that indoor air management has become easier with the ability to react to factual information. The 720° Analytics have made it possible to react quickly. The system has also proved convenient for monitoring the impact of the renovations carried out in the building on the quality of indoor air. 720° has become a part of the functioning of the building, appropriately supporting the work of those in charge of the property.

“The system has already become very important to us as a support service and a life insurance of sorts. It is as essential to the building as building automation”

says Metsä Group Office Manager Susanna Vilen.

Among the employees of Metsä Group, the implementation of the system has reinforced the understanding that investments are made into the quality of the indoor environment. The users of the facilities have also been happy, and the positive employer brand has been reinforced further.

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