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Customer case

Predictive and responsible indoor environment management is carried out effortlessly at eQ with the help of 720°

As a responsible investor, eQ wants to invest in monitoring the indoor environment of properties. With the 720° Solution, they are able to further develop their predictive capacity. The system provides a great tool for both receiving direct feedback from the users of the facilities and for monitoring the operation and maintenance of the property. 720° strongly supports and reinforces the existing approaches of eQ and its utilization is constantly being expanded.

Responsible long-term property investment is appreciated at eQ

At eQ, responsibility is considered throughout the investment process from the selection of the investment object to monitoring and reporting. This means that the environmental, social, and administrative responsibilities are taken into account with each fund. The assessment of their implementation is part of the work description of each person managing a fund, as eQ believes that responsibility cannot be outsourced.

The responsibility of eQ’s property investment funds is continuously being developed further. The premise is to make long-term sustainable decisions in terms of the organization’s processes and property investments. The property fund has, for example, participated in the GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) assessment of sustainable properties, joined the TETS program (energy efficiency agreement of the real estate sector), and carried out tenant satisfaction surveys and integrated the ESG recommendations into new leases.

Prediction and quality assurance

As a professional operator, maintaining and increasing the value of properties is a core element of eQ’s business operation. They have highlighted transparency and solution orientation as important aspects. The condition of the properties is monitored closely.

In property investment, quality assurance and the tenants’ level of satisfaction with the facilities are an important element of responsibility. This is why the property team of eQ became interested in monitoring the conditions of indoor environments. eQ was particularly seeking a tool that could be used to easily provide information about the conditions within the property, as well as the possible requirements for changes.

“For us, it is important to be aware of the service and maintenance activities. This is why we are constantly improving and seeking out solutions that allow us to effortlessly keep up to date on the background information of a property”

says Kimmo Alaharju, the Real Estate Director of eQ.

Harnessing facts, feedback system, and prediction with 720°

Kimmo Alaharju, who works as a Real Estate Director at eQ, had heard about the 720° Solution in a previous career. When indoor environment conditions were included on the property fund development list, it was natural to take a closer look at 720°.

eQ was thrilled by the predictive indoor environment management enabled by the 720° Solution, which was a good fit for their own approach and strategy. They were also happy with the two dimensional nature of the system: The 720° Solution can be used to receive direct feedback from the users of the property, while at the same time monitoring the quality and development of the property in the longer term.

“First, the opportunity to provide feedback is a significant feature, along with the fact that the provided feedback can be tied to a specific place and time, and that the actual conditions at the time can be verified. Second, we can look at the operation of the property over a longer period, thus monitoring its quality and development”

says Kimmo Alaharju of the benefits provided by the system.

720° fits well with the objectives of eQ

The utilization of 720° has been constantly expanded within eQ’s investment objects. eQ has noted that the 720° Solution further reinforces their approaches and expertise in matters related to the indoor environment. This makes it easy to maintain the quality guarantee. eQ believes that the utilization rate of its properties will remain solid in the future as well. The tenants have been satisfied.

In eQ’s own development projects the indoor environment management system is included as a natural part of the process, as the ability to receive information and the feedback system are considered important elements of the property.

“It is of course natural to include 720° as an investment within the construction stage of our projects. This means that it is available from the very beginning. 720° is well-suited for our needs and has been a pleasure to use”

says Kimmo Alaharju.

Effective mutual cooperation

eQ has been pleased with the cooperation with 720°. The implementation of the system has been rapid, new users have always been thoroughly familiarized, and all questions have been answered willingly.

“The cooperation has been smooth, and the 720° contact personnel has been active and engaging and are ready to discuss any ideas for development”

Kimmo Alaharju enthuses.

The cooperation that began in 2019 has also been received well by 720°.

“It is a great opportunity to work with a company who genuinely wants to develop the industry and enthusiastically implements new solutions. This also strongly supports the development of our product. We have been very glad to receive all customer feedback and have been able to use it to introduce new features, such as reporting on the portfolio level and comparisons between different property types”

says Rick Aller, the CEO of 720°.

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