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Offentlig sector

Keva is a pension institution that takes care of the pension affairs of the municipal sector, state, church and Kela’s personnel, as well as develops working life. In conjunction with new modifications being made to its premises, Keva wanted to ensure the quality of the indoor environment and to communicate the conditions transparently to the users of the premises. With the aid of the 720° Solution, this has now become effortless.
Tampereen Tilapalvelut
Tampereen Tilapalvelut was seeking to introduce a novel solution for managing indoor air conditions and increasing interaction with the space users. 720° has facilitated open and transparent communications. At the same time, the utilization of resources has become more efficient, since actions may be targeted with a greater degree of precision.
The satisfaction of the users of the space increased and the amount of feedback decreased after the implementation of 720°. As a result, the working time expended on the processing of indoor environment matters by the person responsible for the business premises services was reduced by more than one half.
Quality of the indoor environment is particularly important in the care facilities offered by Kymsote. After the completion of renovations, the analysis of the quality of the indoor environment and communication of the related information are carried out by the 720° Solution. Now, the personnel have access to relevant information and are able to provide feedback easily. The work done to improve the indoor environment is made more visible and the users’ confidence in the facilities has increased.
Finnish Tax Administration
At the Finnish Tax Administration, indoor air quality analytics were explained to the personnel with the aid of the 720° system. Enhanced understanding of indoor quality has allowed for problems to be addressed more effectively. There has also been a decrease in unnecessary service requests.