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Turn data into value for your buildings

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720° is a groundbreaking, cloud-based solution that gives building owners, property managers and tenants the ability to increase occupant satisfaction, decrease building maintenance costs and boost building value by monitoring and analyzing building related data. It is globally the most effective analytics and communication solution on the market for monitoring, analyzing and improving building performance. 

Key benefits of indoor environment management with 720°

  • Turns data into value and actionable insight for your buildings
  • Increases occupant well-being and satisfaction
  • Cuts maintenance costs and enables smart use of resources
  • Benchmarks performance to back up data-driven decisions for your assets 
  • Enables intelligent, optimized and sustainable building operations management
  • Helps achieve and maintain standards and classifications, such as LEED and WELL
  • Integrates easily with existing building automation systems and sensors 

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Customers choose us for our outstanding expertise and razor-sharp insight


“If I compare the 720° Analytics’ interface to other interfaces in the market, 720° really stands out.
720° Analytics system is user-friendly, professionally implemented and the reporting is throughout
excellent and clear”

Lauri Maila, Property Manager

Wihuri Oy Aarnio

“We were initially aiming at achieving the LEED certification level, but we actually reached Gold level immediately. This constant monitoring will also assist us in applying for the Platinum level in three years’ time”

Marko Räisänen, Property Manager

Metsä Group

“The system has already become very important to us as a support service and a life insurance of sorts. It is as essential to the building as building automation”

Susanna Vilen, Office Manager

We help you take care of the most valuable thing in your building: people

Our mission is to improve lives, starting with indoor spaces. Meet our bright and ambitious team!

Pia Korba

Pia Korba

Customer Results, Lead

Pia has a thing for "nature" and "sustainability" and thinks we should preserve something for future generations. Counterargument: We are here for a good time, not a long time. Yeah...


Karoliina Kajander

Karoliina Kajander

VP, Customers

It goes against every fiber of Karoliina's capitalistic being, but she is reluctantly enjoying maternity-leave, counting the days until she can return to work with a clear conscience.


Nora Vähäkangas

Nora Vähäkangas

Director, Sales Operations

Nora has a background in national economics which comes in super handy when discussing the impact of indoor air quality in buildings, you see, a building is kind of like a nation... zzz


Juha Poutanen

Juha Poutanen

Business Director

We were very reluctant to let an actual seasoned professional in to the company, but the years of industry experience apparently does very little to make a person more serious... which does not bode well for the rest of us.

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