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Monitoring the indoor environment prevents issues and improves quality in your facilities

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A permanent solution for monitoring the indoor climate is:

  • PRECISE – When AI and machine learning are applied, indoor air quality data is always accurate and results readily available, which enables rapid decision-making and reporting.
  • REAL-TIME – Information on the quality of the indoor climate is available immediately.
  • VALUE-ADDING – A high-quality indoor environment creates an optimal workspace, which is key to increasing satisfaction and performance. Monitoring provides you with actionable intelligence to both increase the satisfaction of occupants, as well as the value of the facility while decreasing maintenance costs.


720° monitoring maintains the indoor environmental quality

The most effective analytics and communication solution on the market that combines AI, organizational behavioral aspects and the highest possible level of indoor environmental quality expertise.

720° Analytics – A modern tool for indoor climate monitoring

  • Combining AI and indoor environmental quality expertise transforms billions of data points into value-adding knowledge
  • Skilled indoor air quality management, timely decision-making, correct follow-up measures, and advanced reporting increases real estate stakeholders ability to react while decreasing maintenance costs
  • The most accurate analytics for remote property monitoring

720° Analytics analyzes and compares properties

  • Collects and analyzes data right after deployment. Properties can be compared in relation to:
    • outdoor air pollution
    • standards and classifications
    • properties in other regions
    • benchmark of your own properties
  •  720° Analytics is quicker, more accurate and consistent than humans in analyzing property data
  • Compares the performance of properties to each other in order to find the ones that require the most attention, in case there is room for improvement

720° Display is the key to excellent communication

  • User-friendly tablet view provides occupants with a seamless flow of information and up-to-date communications on the state of the indoor air quality
  • Successful communication eliminates uncertainty and increases trust between real estate management, tenants and occupants
  • Feedback from occupants is collected in an unobtrusive manner in order to find issues that might affect satisfaction

Real-Estate value is dependent on indoor environmental quality.

Finnish Tax Administration

"None of the previous systems we had examined indoor air quality as extensively. On top of that, the system presents the data in graphic, user friendly form."

Olli Aalto, Facility Manager

Newsec – Opus Business Park

"Thanks to indoor air monitoring, the guesswork related to indoor air quality has been eliminated, because we always have a real-time view. We have optimized the working conditions through, for instance, lowering the temperature in certain spaces. This has also allowed us to identify opportunities for conserving energy."

Aappo Niikko, Property Manager

Tieto Oyj

"The staff has been very satisfied with the indoor air quality monitoring. Discussions with he property owner have improved significantly, when there is actual data at hand, not just hearsay."

Mikko Rikkonen, Project Manager responsible for Tieto's real estate

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