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Monitoring the indoor environment prevents issues and improves quality in your facilities

Monitoring 1

Fixing issues after they have occurred is

  • UNRELIABLE – Performing retroactive measurements rarely gives a good enough picture of the environmental quality, often because they do not provide a historical view.
  • SLOW – It often takes several weeks or months to perform measurements.
  • COSTLY – Measurements never add value to the property in themselves, and are usually only used to find issues. If a facility has no issues, measurements are redundant.

Monitoring 2

Monitoring the indoor environment is

  • PRECISE – 720° Analytics shows you a very precise picture of the facility.
  • FAST – You get the information instantaneously.
  • VALUE-ADDING – Monitoring provides you with actionable intelligence to both improve on the productivity of occupants, as well as the value of the facility.


720° monitoring maintains the indoor environmental quality

720° is based on high performance analytics utilising cloud technology and machine learning.

Information is collected from the smallest changes in the air quality

  • 720° Analytics automatically detects the following issues; material emission, low relative humidity, recurring odors, rapid fluctuations in temperature, high occupancy, disturbing noise and more…
  • The data collected for far by 720° would require five PhD’s 128 years to analyse. 720° performs this task in five seconds. The added benefit is a higher consistency and precision.
Solution 1

720° analytics view interprets the details in the data

  • In the analytics view all the insights automatically produced by 720° are visible.
  • The analytics sends messages with suggestions to facility stakeholders on changes that require their attention.
  • Decisions and actions about improving on the indoor environmental quality can be done immediately without waiting for costly reports.
Solution 2

720° Live-Display enables excellent communication

  • Excellent communication is one of the first steps necessary to prevent an escalation of possible issues. Improved communication decreases unawareness and thus increases satisfaction.
  • The Live-Display shows a general view of the facility in real time.
  • Sharing updates regarding the indoor environment related issues is done best through the display, as well as automated messages triggered by the analytics.
Solution 3

Real-Estate value is dependant on the indoor environmental quality.

Finnish Tax administration

”We wanted to restore trust in indoor air quality. Now the new information about indoor air quality has resulted in a decrease in unnecessary service requests since we have got the knowledge to the property owner and maintenance.”

Olli Aalto, Head of the Office

Newsec – Opus Business Park

"Thanks to indoor air monitoring, there is no need for us to speculate as to the quality of indoor air, since we always benefit from a real-time view. We have, for instance, optimised the working conditions and saved energy."

Aappo Niikko, Property Manager

City of Helsinki

"In the winter, for instance, we were assuming that in cold weather, space would have rather been too cool, but users said that the air felt stuffy. A more detailed examination revealed that temperatures had even been excessively warm indoors."

Marianna Tuomainen, leading expert in management services for properties

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