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Newsec – Opus Business Park

Newsec – Opus Business Park

Space modifications entailed the need to ascertain high indoor air quality

The higher utilisation rate of office premises and space modifications gave rise to the question of the adequacy of ventilation at the Opus Business Park. The solution presented itself through permanent indoor air monitoring and transparency of the metering results.

Opus Business Park is an office building situated in the Herttoniemi district of Helsinki that has witnessed a substantial increase in its utilisation rate in the past few years. The premises also adjust to the needs of the tenants.

The modifiability of spaces, which is characteristic of business parks, presents circumstantial challenges. The original space division, number of users and the contemplated air volumes are constantly changing says Newsec’s Property Manager Aappo Niikko.

A long-term tenant raised the question of the adequacy of ventilation when their premises were being modified from offices to an open concept space. Both Newsec, managing the office building, and the tenant wished to ascertain that the working conditions would remain at the best possible level also going forward.

In addition to building automation, the parties desired a separate metering system providing more specific information particularly concerning the temperature, as well as the moisture, carbon dioxide and VOC levels. The 720°monitoring was installed in various premises: conference rooms, open concept spaces and individual office rooms.

Thanks to indoor air monitoring, there is no need for us to speculate as to the quality of indoor air, since we always benefit from a real-time view. We have optimised the working conditions, for instance, by decreasing the temperatures in certain spaces. This has also allowed for the identification of spaces in which energy may be conserved, says Niikko.

The desire was to render indoor air monitoring transparent and for the information regarding the conditions to also be visible to the tenant. This is why there is a tablet at the Opus Business Park information stand that anyone may use to familiarise themselves with the indoor air quality and submit feedback pertaining to the working conditions.

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