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Newsec – Opus Business Park

Newsec – Opus Business Park

Optimal ventilation with the aid of indoor air monitoring

The importance of ventilation was highlighted when the utilization rate of office premises increased and spaces were modified to suit the needs of companies. The solution presented itself through continuous indoor air monitoring, as well as the transparency of the measuring results between the tenants of the business park and the property owners.

The constant modification of premises poses challenges for ventilation

The Opus Business Park managed by Newsec offers a working environment along with its versatile services for companies in the Herttoniemi borough of Helsinki.

From the point of view of the indoor air of the property, however, the modification of premises and a growing utilization rate characteristic of business parks become challenging when offices are opened up into open workspaces and vice versa.

“The original space division, user volumes and contemplated air quantities are constantly changing”, says Newsec’s Property Manager Aappo Niikko.

Since the high quality of the working conditions is at the core of Opus Business Park’s entire operations, they were not willing to take any risks of decreasing amenity and work efficiency. Both Newsec, managing the office building, and the tenants wanted to ensure that the working conditions continue to be the best they can be also going forward. Hence, they wanted to make sure that indoor air remains at the highest level possible.

Indoor air monitoring indicates ventilation development needs

In addition to building automation, the Opus Business Park was also to also feature a separate measuring system providing more specific information concerning, inter alia, the temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels of the premises, as well as the volatile organic compounds evaporating from the building and furnishing materials. Furthermore, indoor air monitoring was to be transparent, so that information on the conditions of the working environment would be displayed both for the tenants and property owners to see.

The 720° indoor air monitoring system, employing artificial intelligence, met Newsec’s needs perfectly. The monitoring system was installed in the building in several different spaces: in conference rooms, open working spaces and individual offices. With the aid of the system, information concerning indoor air could be made conveniently and transparently available for everyone to see. The real-time analytics allowed for the optimization of the working conditions and enabled the identification of spaces in which also the conservation of energy would be possible.

Transparency and real-time feedback from users

The 720° Display provides users of the space an overview of the condition of the indoor environment. The display was placed at the Opus Business Park information desk, which allows anyone to familiarize themselves with the indoor air quality and to submit feedback pertaining to the working conditions. The real-time communication eliminates uncertainties related to indoor air and enhances trust between the user of the space and the owner.

The property management is also provided with a more detailed view, indicating precisely which factors need attention and action – which eradicates unnecessary maintenance measures.

Energy is conserved through the optimization of the conditions of premises

720° Analytics has been a tremendous help as the utilization rate is growing and the premises are being modified – now, ventilation is able to keep up with the constant changes. In addition to improved air quality, the information generated by the system has also produced cost savings: Newsec has been pleased with its decision to transfer Opus Business Park’s indoor air monitoring to 720 Degrees.

“Thanks to indoor air monitoring, the guesswork related to indoor air quality has been eliminated, because we always have a real-time view. We have optimized the working conditions through, for instance, lowering the temperature in certain spaces. This has also allowed us to identify opportunities for conserving energy”, reports Niikko.

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