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How was the highest indoor air classification achieved?

The desire was to reach the highest possible indoor air classification to maintain customer satisfaction. Consequently, Lindström Invest had 720° indoor air monitoring installed in its business park located in Kalasatama.

Aiming at customer satisfaction and high-quality indoor air

Considering that customer satisfaction and long-term customer relationships are at the core of the company’s operations, Lindström Invest wanted to ensure through indoor air monitoring that the indoor air classification of the real estate KOy Rantatie Loikka reaches its highest level possible.

The decision was made to introduce 720° indoor air monitoring alongside the building automation supplied by the contractor at the end of November 2017, and already in December, the monitoring was expanded.

“High-quality indoor climate conditions are the alpha and omega of an office building’s customer satisfaction”, notes Lindström Invest’s Property Development Manager Pekka Tynjälä.

Quicker reacting to indoor air settings made possible

With the aid of the 720° Analytics, temperature fluctuations, carbon dioxide levels, material emissions, humidity conditions, and particulate level quantities can now be monitored in real-time. In case any shortcomings are detected, the company can react to them immediately.

720° Analytics employs machine learning and artificial intelligence

“We have introduced machine learning methods and artificial intelligence into the traditional indoor air quality industry”, reports the Customer Director of 720° solution, Karoliina Kajander. The billions of data points collected from the building provide valuable information about the indoor environment of the building to the stakeholders of the property. Precise data allows for timely decision-making and carefully targeted maintenance measures.

The system employs machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud technology, enabling the provision of precise information concerning the indoor environment for the use of property owners and those managing the building.

720° Display provides the users of the space a general view of the condition of the indoor environment

Using the tablet, any of the users of the space can see the general indoor air quality view and submit feedback regarding the working conditions. Up-to-date communication serves to avoid uncertainty related to indoor air and promotes trust between the users of the space and its owner.

Property management and property maintenance, in turn, are provided with a more detailed view, showing exactly which factors need attention and what are the measures that should be undertaken – this allows for maintenance to be targeted where it is needed the most and for the maintenance frequency to be reduced.

New indoor air monitoring aided in reaching the best indoor air classification

The indoor air quality classifications from S1 downwards indicate the indoor climate conditions of a building. Conditions awarded the S2 classification are already considered to be good, but reaching the S1 classification requires a higher indoor air quality as well as around-the-year management of indoor temperature. Buildings that are awarded the best classification are able to achieve extremely clean air, optimized humidity and temperature conditions as well as individual indoor climate management. Lindström Invest wanted for the new business park to achieve the highest S1 requirement level. In addition, the company wanted to have the ability to react rapidly to any forthcoming challenges in relation to indoor air.

Indoor air quality is of immense relevance for the wellbeing of the working environment and the customer satisfaction of a business park. According to Lindström Invest, indoor air monitoring has fulfilled all expectations, because, with the aid of the 720° analytics, the conditions remain continuously on a high-quality level.

Lindström Invest

"We wanted to have the 720° indoor air measurement system alongside the building automation that was delivered by the contractor. This is how we ensure customer satisfaction and fast reactions to ensure that indoor air settings are working."

Pekka Tynjälä, Property Development Manager, Lindström Invest

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