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Work satisfaction improved with 720° indoor air monitoring

Noise levels decreased, work satisfaction increased. Tieto Plc’s indoor climate is now being monitored by the artificial intelligence-based 720° solution, conducting real-time measurements of, for instance, the decibel levels in the space and the proportion of speech in the noise, temperature fluctuations, and material emissions.

The noise and temperature fluctuations in the open-plan office were disrupting work

The noisiness characteristic of open-plan offices raised the noise level excessively, as the personnel was getting used to the new open space layout. Attention was also paid to indoor air quality and temperature fluctuations – Tieto wanted to ensure that the respiratory air of the building would not be causing any symptoms for the personnel.

The IT service company was looking for new tools both for indoor air monitoring and for decreasing the noise level, in an effort to maintain high work satisfaction and a high-quality working environment. The 720° measuring solution offered precisely the solution Tieto was looking for: indoor air quality monitoring provides information both regarding the noise level and the other factors impacting the indoor environment. The solution employing artificial intelligence was installed in the premises of the property and the company started utilizing the collected data in the development of the working environment.

720° indoor air monitoring collects versatile data concerning the state of the working environment

The 720° is able to identify on a real-time basis factors such as temperature fluctuations, noise level as well as particulates found in the respiratory air and material emissions. The collected information is packaged in an easily readable form, indicating the matters that require further attention and the advisable action to be undertaken. The fact-based analytics also enhances the mutual understanding between the property owner and its users.

Contrary to traditional noise metering, 720° Analytics does more than just indicates the noise level, it even distinguishes spoken voice from other sounds. The indoor air quality monitoring, in turn, detects, inter alia, the volatile organic compounds evaporating from the construction and interior design materials, which should be kept at a low level with the aid of ventilation. After the system was taken into use, Tieto has, indeed, monitored the condition of indoor air on a daily basis – in addition, the action proposals provided by the system as well as the reports are reviewed in regular meetings together with the occupational health and occupational safety delegates.

Improved indoor air quality, reduced noise level, and material emissions

One of the most significant pieces of information for ensuring healthy indoor air that Tieto obtained from the analytics, was the observation that the total volatile organic compounds evaporating from the materials were elevated as a result of the renovation. The solution they experimented with was rinsing, which means the replacement of the air mass of the property several times during the night. Thanks to this procedure, the total volatile organic compound concentrations were substantially reduced.

These days, if the personnel is having symptoms, Tieto automatically refers to the 720° Analytics to see if the conditions are to blame.

Since the company also wanted to address the disturbing noise level, Tieto reviewed the data generated by the system. The analytics revealed that the noise peaks caused by speech occurred around the time of coffee breaks.

“Once the decibel level caused by speech was shown to the personnel, everyone was surprised by how high the volume was. This led to a discussion on how those colleagues, who are concentrating on work, could be better taken into consideration”, reports Tieto’s Project Manager responsible for real estate, Mikko Rikkonen.

It has even been possible to cater to the individual wishes of members of the personnel.

“Those who feel cold easily were relocated to the warmer parts of the office, and those more sensitive to noise have been given a new desk further away from the hustle and bustle”, Rikkonen explains.

Occupants are provided with up-to-date data regarding the overall condition of indoor air, which promotes trust and reduces maintenance requests.

The property management has access to more detailed information, enabling decision-making as to whether action needs to be taken or not. The real-time monitoring reduces the frequency of maintenance visits.

Increased work satisfaction and enhanced mutual understanding with the property owner

The data generated by indoor air monitoring facilitates the optimization of the ventilation and temperatures of the property because the maintenance measures can be directed exactly where they are needed. Both Rikkonen, who is responsible for property matters, and the entire Tieto personnel have been extremely happy with the new indoor air monitoring system. The one and the same measuring system has afforded a solution to every single issue, be it the noise level, indoor air quality or temperature variations.

“It has been a relief to discover that the indoor air has not been the cause of any illnesses. The personnel has been extremely happy with the indoor air monitoring,” says Rikkonen.

Additionally, the system has enhanced mutual understanding with the property owner as regards the indoor air development areas.

“The dialogue with the property owner has become much easier, now that we have raw data to show, instead of isolated sensations to report”, says Rikkonen.

Tieto Oyj

"The staff has been very satisfied with the indoor air quality monitoring. Discussions with he property owner have improved significantly, when there is actual data at hand, not just hearsay."

Mikko Rikkonen, Project Manager responsible for Tieto's real estate

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