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Tieto Oyj

Tieto, one of Europe’s largest IT software and service providers, improved their employee’s comfort and overall satisfaction within its open office environment with 720° analytics.

Renewing work habits and environment played an important role in increasing the work satisfaction at Tieto. When Tieto renovated its offices in Oulu and Jyväskylä into multi-purpose office spaces, the company wanted firstly to address internal rumors of cold air with facts and secondly to understand what impact the higher concentration of people at work stations had on noise and carbon dioxide levels.

When staff shifted from their own rooms into a common area there was an inevitable learning curve in transitioning into the new spaces. The effects of a noisier environment bothered some more than others. Aside from the generic noise measurements, the 720° acoustics sensor differentiates spoken noise from the total noise, which makes it easy to both identify and fix the causes of noise. At Tieto’s offices it was noticed that the noise spikes caused by speech occurred around coffee breaks.

“When the decibels caused by speech were shown to personnel, they were surprised by the volume. Discussions were conducted to remind staff to take working people into consideration when going to and returning from coffee breaks,” said Mikko Rikkonen, the facility manager responsible for Tieto’s facilities.

Decreasing the elevated levels of material emissions.

The analytics indicated that the VOC emissions caused by new materials from the renovation were elevated. The solution that was tried was flushing, meaning the exchange of the air in the facility multiple times over night. This soon paid off as the VOC emissions reduced significantly.

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